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Button Covers!

Button Covers!

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These are sold individually! But, there will be a bundle discount of 10% off if you buy 2 or more button covers! No code required.

These little cuties slip right over your button and snap shut! These are not meant for larger buttons, they fit buttons that you would find on a blouse, button up shirt, etc. 

Each one is handmade, so there will be slight differences with each one. 

Corn-1.35" long, 1.25" wide

Ravioli- 1.5" square

Fried egg- 1" diameter

Hen- 1.6" long, 1.3" wide

Croissant- 1.25" diameter

Avocado toast- 1" square

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Soufflé croissant donut sweet shortbread gummi bears. Bonbon topping icing icing chocolate bar icing apple pie cotton candy. Lemon drops pudding danish jujubes lollipop cotton candy chupa chups.

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