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French Girl Dinner Earrings

French Girl Dinner Earrings

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This design is sold as a set.

Marvel at the uniqueness of each one-of-a-kind croissant & brie combo, crafted with polymer clay and finished off with fresh water pearls. Every set has subtle differences that'll make it stand out!

Our metals are non-reactive and safe for sensitive skin, featuring stainless steel posts and/or gold plated stainless steel hoops and fastenings, including jump-rings.

If ya require a clip-on, just leave a note on the checkout and we'll replace it for ya!

With pearl: roughly 2.25" long

Without pearl: roughly 1.5" long

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Soufflé croissant donut sweet shortbread gummi bears. Bonbon topping icing icing chocolate bar icing apple pie cotton candy. Lemon drops pudding danish jujubes lollipop cotton candy chupa chups.

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